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Llys y Gwynt

Client: Private Client

Location: Wales

Description: The proposals involve demolition of an existing derelict dwelling on the site and replacement with a carefully designed set of proposals which ensure that the resultant proposal is of extremely high-quality whilst also respecting the character, identity and context of this area. All aspects of the design of the replacement property have been carefully developed in order to take full account of the form and spatial arrangement of the existing dwelling, it’s site and surroundings.


The proposed materiality of stone, slate, and render are all native to the context and thus blend the property well with the surroundings. Furthermore, the pitched roofs are in- keeping with the neighbouring properties, and large windows allow the property to benefit from the views of the countryside. In general, the property boasts a “lodge” style with low eaves and high-pitched roofs and “natural” materiality, this style is harmonious with the “hillside” context. The landscaping strategy design will integrate the property seamlessly into its rural context with the introduction of appropriate planting native to the area and limited hard surfacing.

Date: 2022

Services Provided: Sketch Design and Planning Drawings

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