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The Cardinals Hat

Client: Cardinals Hat

Location: High Street, Lincoln

Description: The development proposed on this occasion is the change-of-use of parts of the ground and first floor

of the Cardinal’s Hat and Dernstall House, to change the use of the relevant parts of the premises back

into public house usage.


The Cardinal’s Hat is reputed to be named after Cardinal Wolsey, Bishop of Lincoln around 1514, a Grade II listed building.

The building was originally an Inn and parts of the building are known to date from the late 1400’s, although many elements of the lower section of the principal elevation are thought to have been reconstructed in 1952 when an extensive restoration of the building took place.


In terms of physical alterations to the buildings, the works proposed constitute, in the main, removal

of previously-added insensitive alterations (walls linings and the like) to the original buildings,

and reinstatement/exposure of the historic Listed fabric.

Date: 2015

Services Provided: Full Package Service

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